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Balboa Fun Zone & Tustin Legacy 2/11

John Hummer | Published on 2/11/2024

Balboa Fun Zone & Tustin Legacy 2/11

February 11th, the second Sunday of the month. Yes, a favorite day of each month that Alice Johnson and I look forward to, was here again.


First, we’re off to the Fun Zone at the Balboa Peninsula to meet some of the usual Healey gang. We were a little later than usual but when we pulled into the parking lot, there was Phil Caliva’s red “Nasty Boy” BN4 Healey, with a 327 Chevy Engine and automatic tranny and Chuck Lakowski’s Black Jensen Healey. They had already made their way to the donut shop for their breakfast sandwich. Alice sat down with them and joined the conversation and I ordered and joined them after our sandwiches were ready. The talk was great as usual. Then it’s time to head to Tustin Legacy, walked to the parking lot to saddle up and of course get some pictures Hirst.


Chuck led the way, Phil next, and Alice Johnson and I pulled up the rear. Up Newport Blvd to the 55, Chuck still in the lead until Phil’s accelerator stuck and he almost left the black Jensen and Primrose BN4 in the dust. Phil and Chuck squared up at the light off the freeway, both cars had burn outs and then Chuck stalled out. We got him off to the side of the road one block away from Tustin Legacy. Phil suggested that Alice and I go ahead and they would catch up. We circled in and were about to go back to check on Chuck and Phil when they pulled into the parking lot.


There were our three British cars in the group of cars and we met a young man with a beautiful red Fiat 124 Spider. He was admiring the Healey clan as much as we were admiring his Italian gem. Great guy, he wanted info on the Healey club so he could join. Another great Tustin Legacy Sunday! Additional photos by Alice Johnson.