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Balboa Fun Zone & Tustin Legacy 1/14

Phil Caliva | Published on 1/14/2024

Balboa Fun Zone & Tustin Legacy 1/14

Here is a start-of-the-year Austin Healey adventure.


At 0600 I met up with my three Amigos: Dex Kaytis, Chuck Lakowski and Bob Bolling, at the Chevron station off the Bellflower and 405 Southbound ramp. After hellos and a short discussion, we decided Chuck would lead the gang to our Balboa Peninsula destination that has our famous Croissant breakfast donut shop.


As we reached the end of the 55 Frwy, I looked in my rear-view mirror and as if on cue there's our buds, Alice Johnson and John Hummer on my tail, what a great surprise! We arrived at the Balboa Fun Zone and our paisan, Tim Mc Niff, showed up on cue also. We proceeded to breakfast and it was YUUMMMY again! The group now gathered back at the Healey's, fired up the cars and headed North on the 55 Fwy with Mr. Tim leading this group of Bandidos to the Tustin Legacy Show. We arrived fashionably late to the show, and were greeted by our other paisan Tony Trentacost and Mike Scroggie, who had been waiting for our group to show up.


We all walked around checking out the various vehicles and as always there was a great variety of makes and models of vintage and newer cars. There was the usual mix of Porsches and other German and Italian cars on display, plus today's feature car was the Elvis Cadillacs, but too few to mention showed up!! The Orange County group headed off their way, Tim zoomed home to Glendale and now we were down to the four Amigos again. We decided to head North via the Pacific Coast Hwy. and detour to Mama's Restaurant in Los Alamitos to have a light lunch and celebrate Chucks Birthday. That turned out to be a great surprise to Chuck, he didn't know that we were going to surprise him. SURRRPRISE Chuck!


After this great day we all went our separate ways and I even managed to get about four hours work done at my hang out/shop.


All pictures are credited to Tim and Alice. Ciao/Cheers until next week’s Adventure.


Members: Tom Rubinate – Balboa only; Nancy Asahina, Mike Scroggie, Tony Trentacost and new member Darrin Thompson – Tustin only; Bob Bolling, Phil Caliva, John Hummer and Alice Johnson, Dex Kaytis, Chuck Lakowski and Tim McNiff – both venues.