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2020 Barnett Spirit Award - Congratulations to Dexter Kaytis, 2019 Winner

Steve Kirby  | Published on 12/10/2019


This year's competition is a historic first in terms of how many points were earned by the top two finalists.  In fact, the top four or five would have won in past years.  For example, let’s look at the winning numbers for the past ten years.  *Also keep in mind that a member cannot win the Spirit Award two years in a row.
2009 - Ed Neumeyer 191pts
2010 - Peter Roses 101pts
2011 - George McHarris 134pts
2012 - *George McHarris 124pts Ed Neumeyer 107pts
2013 - Tim McNiff 108pts
2014 - *Tim McNiff 133pts Jon Hedblom 128pts
2015 - Dex Kaytis 12
2016 - Phil Caliva 183pts
2017 - *Phil Caliva 170pts Greg Aden 144pts
2018 - Phil Caliva 165pts


Below is a photo of Phil Caliva handing off the Spirit Award Trophy to winner Dexter Kaytis at the annual Holiday party on December 8, 2019.