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2019 Barnett Spirit Award - Congratulations to Phil Caliva, 2018 Winner

Steve Kirby  | Published on 8/24/2019

Points are earned by attending events on the official club calendar with your Healey - see website event calendar. The following are point leaders for the 2019 Spirit Award as of 9/23/2019

Points are earned by attending events on the official Club calendar with your Healey –see the website Event Calendar.

The rules are:

It must be a sanctioned event on the calendar.

3 points for normal (recurring) events

4 points for Club events

5 points for an all-day out of town event, i.e. Conclave or CCBCS Oxnard.

5 points maximum per day for multiple normal events.

6 points per day for California Healey Week

Non-Healey classic cars can earn points (maximum one event per month)

1. Dex Kaytis 188
2. Chuck Lakowski 185
3. Phil Caliva 150
4. Tim McNiff 135
5. Greg Aden 134
6. Bob Bolling 101
7. Mike Scroggie 98


George Merino 80
9. Corkey Holt 76
10. Tom Spangler 73


The Spirit Award points compilation ends in November each year.  In 2018, we had a great competition between Phil Caliva, Tim McNiff and Greg Aden throughout the year.    


So, for the third year in a row, Phil Caliva has out-performed the rest of the members by a margin.  His 165 points won again!  (as the rules provide, no member can win the Spirit Award two years in-a-row, therefore, Greg Aden, the second place finisher, won the Spirit Award Trophy for 2017 with 144 points).  


Below is a photo of Greg Aden handing off the Spirit Award Trophy to winner Phil Caliva at the annual Holiday party on December 16, 2018.